poetry · 06. April 2022
When you get out of the environment that you somehow managed to understand, confusion can easily set in. The boundaries are no longer clear, nor are the rules by which everything is structured. Many become possible, even if not all of them are desirable. In a new spatial format, new forms are possible, and the message finds new ways to reach you. Even when the paths are not very clear, even when the hand, with a questioning gesture, seems to hesitate, it is imperative to move forward. No matter...

art theory · 07. March 2022
A painting is not just a painting. Even if it is not absolutely necessary, a painting can be, or become, a work of art. In order to become a work of art, it must not miss the meeting with the public, and this happens more often than we like to admit. Usually, what we see is a larger or smaller part of the process that physical instantiation crowns. Most of the time, as viewers, we declare ourselves delighted or disappointed with the aesthetic aspect of the work and pass over in silence, or we...

Homer Waiting For The Wave
art theory · 09. February 2022
There is no beauty without shadows. I was not the first to have this idea, but I had it on my own, much of it as a result of contemplation. We have epiphanies every day, we are just too busy to consider them. Probably this is the reason why a small epiphany does not turn so often into a big epiphany, or even into That Epiphany.

poetry · 27. January 2022
Life comes with choices. Yet, sometimes you have the feeling you have no choice. No safe place, no exit door. You must stay in the game. Sometimes you just want to keep on going on the path you chose long ago, doing all the things you believe they were meant for you to do. It isn't like you can't make changes in your life, you make them all the time, even on daily basis. You just make them within that same path. You do stumble and fall, but that is part of the deal. Is it a good deal? You can't...

17. January 2022
If you really want to be part of this, you might find useful to brace yourselves because it might take longer than you are used to. Grab a snack and a soft drink, and don't be too hasty with your thumb, you do not have to agree or desagree with anything, for the time being. What you are seeing does not hold any surprise for you, not one sucker punch, not even a punchline. I'm just too serious for that. In fact, what I am doing right now is guiding you along a path, without setting a map for...

poetry · 11. October 2021
Quand nous avons goûté le fruit arrêté, nous sommes tombé. Avons-nous eu faim jusque-là ? Avons-nous alors prié : "Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour" ou avons-nous vécu sans savoir que nous vivions, sans douleur et sans souci ? Mais étions-nous vivants ? Souvenons-nous aujourd'hui et chaque jour du péché originel et de la tentation qui nous ont poussés sur le chemin que chacun de nous marche, plus dur ou plus facilement, selon son choix. Et pardonnons-nous les erreurs les...

art theory · 04. October 2021
A second entry under the same name would be enough for some to prove that I might not know what I am doing. While it might be true in some respects, in others it certainly is not. I do know, most of the time, what I am doing. Yet, there are moments, when I allow myself to be surprised by what stands in front of me, even if it certainly stems from my own creativity, be it called mind, or hand skillfulness. The reason I am mesmerised by my own work might, as a matter of fact, not be the same as...

art theory · 04. October 2021
Unaware When I named one of my last works The Fall, I did it bearing in mind that it was both about Autumn and the fall of man. Yes, I was sure it was about the fall of our civilization, due to a broken relationship with nature, due to the scarcity of natural resources. I tried to ilustrate those ideas in my painting, an the name of the work came to me naturally. Yet, at the moment I decided that The Fall would remain the name of the work, I was still unaware of some details I had put in the...

art theory · 30. September 2021
...Problema este că acest discurs igienist al selecției naturale capătă aspecte cel puțin ciudate într-o lume în care natura nu poate fi altfel decât antropizată, în care exotismul există doar ca subcategorie a fantasticului și ca mereu neîmplinită promisiune științifică a cuceririi altor teritorii din spațiul extraterestru.

poetry · 16. September 2021
Adevărat vă spun: Din primul ou nu a ieșit găină! (Și nu putem găsi găinii în asta nicio vină)

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