A Coconut Cocktail and A Squirrel Monkey

If you really want to be part of this, you might find useful to brace yourselves because it might take longer than you are used to. 


Grab a snack and a soft drink, and don't be too hasty with your thumb, you do not have to agree or desagree with anything, for the time being. 


What you are seeing does not hold any surprise for you, not one sucker punch, not even a punchline. I'm just too serious for that. In fact, what I am doing right now is guiding you along a path, without setting a map for you, because a too detailed map could even replace what it stands for and I try not to do that. 


I know many of us would like to find detailed answers to our questions, and fast, as fast as snapping your fingers, or taking a snap-shot but, no matter what you are inclined to believe these days, life does not work that way. 


You might think that if you show a little skin, and if you strike a seductive pose, others will start eating from the palm of your hand. It might happen, you know? 


And if you are not sure enough about your seductiveness, just throw in a sidekick: a funny animal will do, being both a partner and a funny oponent of your polished image.



Just do not allow it to become an antagonist of your initial intention and steal the show. His perceived clumsiness might do far better in the limelight than the one you've been trying to disguise. Even its face when eating limes might challenge your appearance. 


After all what's interesting lies in the eyes of the beholder. Or was that about beauty? Beauty lies... No, Beauty never lies! καλὸς κἀγαθός, remember? 


I know it is all about yourself, we are after all in the age of the selfie, but we are and have to be self-aware and not show to the people what is not in our best interest for them too see. If life throws you lemons, to make lemonade out of them could be the best solution, but don't forget to add some sugar in the mix if you want them to keep on coming back. Even if it is about yourself, you need them, the others. 


You need them to like you, to give you that thumb up, or even better that little heart, you need their feedback. In fact they are feeding you. And they feed your little monkey, too. So being self-aware and polite, and carefull with the way you do your little story-telling will soon turn out to be fruitful. Hopefully they will kindly offer you what you need and not literally throw it to your face. 


Just do not be trivial. Do what you have to in order to bring some degree of exoticism in their life and do not indulge yourself into the belief that any feedback is welcome. It is not as simple as sipping from a coconut cocktail, not even as simple as sticking a banana to a wall, don't you think? But why? 


Because it doesn't come natural, and nature is what people crave the most. And, from your tiny apartment, you can't do that, can you? You might try to rent a bigger studio, you might even want to go to a distant location, but that calls for a larger investment than you are ready for. 


So, set up your light and be careful with the background. You wouldn't want that monkey to spoil it, would you? After all, it is just a matter of composition. And of the rule of thirds. How you use it is of paramount importance. You could say it all depends on it. Never forget the rule of thirds! It gives you the key for reading an image. Or so they say. 


Who are they is of lesser importance to you, you just have heard it for so many times, you feel compelled to use it, as a recipe for success. What kind of success? The one you can hope for in that part of the metaverse you still call Instagram. 


Here, what matters is that what you make has to be Instagr-aimable, if you excuse my French. 


And if your jaw has not dropped till now (it shouldn't have done it) you still might have a dry mouth from trying to internalise through verbalising what you've just heard. So take a last sip from your soft-drink, even if it is not a coconut cocktail and give me a thumb: up or down, it does not really matter. Any feedback is wellcome!


P.S.: I hope there still are words unsaid!

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