When Blues Touches La Vie En Rose


Life comes with choices. Yet, sometimes you have the feeling you have no choice. No safe place, no exit door. You must stay in the game. 


Sometimes you just want to keep on going on the path you chose long ago, doing all the things you believe they were meant for you to do. It isn't like you can't make changes in your life, you make them all the time, even on daily basis. You just make them within that same path. You do stumble and fall, but that is part of the deal. Is it a good deal? You can't tell. You haven't close it yet. The feedback might be weak or even missing, but you won't give up.


You feel the truth is somewhere nearby, but you just can't grab it, you can't grasp the meaning of the things you see, as if there would be an invisible wall between you and the needed bounty for all those years of hard work and sacrifice. And you did sacrifice a lot. And the last thing you need is someone to tell you that you should take on some responsibilities. What do they know about You, anyway? 


The wall is hard, eventhough invisible and to find a crack in it is not an easy task. But life is not suposed to be easy. 

If only they would have put an advertising board at the beginning, reading:

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"!

What then?

It wouldn't have helped at all, given the fact that newborn life has no need nor knowledge of written words. 


A lot older than a newborn, I might find myself on the side of the unwise, though. Having probably passed already il "mezzo del cammin di nostra vita" I still give it a try. 


I try to find an opening, even a tiny one, to reach the desired solution even with a small and thin brush. I do not have the best ideas, at least not always, and that's why things are going slower than expected. 


The opening I search for might be twisted, like the move a knight does on the chessboard. That would break any of my brushes. Or even my fingers. Yet, that shouldn't be the end of it...

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