Are Painted Portraits Relevant Anymore?

Almost Accurate, chalk pastels on colored cardboard, 2021
Almost Accurate, chalk pastels on colored cardboard, 2021

Are painted portraits still relevant?

With handy smartphones, multiple cameras, advanced shooting modes, lots of pixels, stunning filters and great resolution... you can't beat that, especially when the portrait you make is not intended to be anything else, to convey any message, save nature, or dolphins, and do not even advocate for gender identity.

It takes relatively long to do it, it is tiring, both for the model and for the artist, the material is somewhat perishable, which makes its uniqueness seem overrated and, moreover, the resemblance is not perfect either. Then why are you still doing it? To discover who you are and what you can do, how you see and how you are seen, how you manage when the technology is not at hand or does not fit the context, to go against the grain of the establishment, to test your limits, to train yourself, to try to discover what hides in that inaccuracy... Yeah, there are still some reasons why you should try a painted, drawn, handmade portrait.

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